How to get to Sorrento: the guide

Sorrento is the best place to stay in to discover Naples, Pompei, the Amalfi coast, Capri and many other Italian village, without forgetting that Sorrento is an amazing Italian village.

Reach Sorrento by plane

Surely, the best way to get to Sorrento is to land in Naples at the Capodichino airport, which is less than 50km far from Sorrento. Indeed, the airport of Naples, Capodichino, is the closest airport to Sorrento, Pompei, Capri and the Amalfi coast.

At the entrance of the airport, you can find the busses of the company Curreri Viaggi. The Curreri coaches connect the airport of Naples with Sorrento and viceversa. The ticket costs 10 euros, while the trip, usually, lasts less than one hour and a half. However, in summer, the busses' scheduling may not be respected due to the traffic jams caused by the large number of tourrists' cars. The stop in Sorrento corresponds to the Sorrento's station and is the last one.
It is possible to book the tickets in advance from the company's website.

An alternative to the Curreri busses is provided by the Alibus, a Naples city-bus, which connects the airport with the train station and the dock of Naples. The ticket of the Alibus costs 4 euros and it can be purchased on board. Depending whether you would stop at the central train station, Garibaldi's square, or at the dock, "Molo Beverello", the trip's duration ranges between 15 and 30 minutes.
Drop out at "piazza Garibaldi" stop and look for the Circumvesuviana station, if you like to get to Sorrento by train. If, instead, you prefer to reach Sorrento via ferry, you need to get off the Alibus at the "Molo Beverello" stop.

If you land in Rome, it is necessary to get to the "Roma Tiburtina" station in order to find a direct connection Rome-Sorrento.

From Rome to Sorrento

The coaches of the company Marozzi are the only direct solution connecting Rome to Sorrento
The busses depart from the "Roma Tiburtina" station and take about 4 hours to reach Sorrento. For more information you can refer to the company's website (unluckily offered only in Italian).

If you don't mind to make stops, it is always possible to get first to Naples by train or by bus and then head to Sorrento.

From Naples to Sorrento

There exist several connections between Naples and Sorrento! Definitely, the best choice is the ferry: it is the fastest way to reach sorrento from Naples, you can enjoy the panoramic view of the Sorrento coast and you would also arrive at the dock of Sorrento, few meters away from the Bed and Breakfast.

Reach Sorrento by ferry

Dal porto di Napoli al molo Beverello è possibile acquistare i biglietti per Sorrento. Sorrento è servita sia da aliscafi, della compagnia Alilauro, sia da traghetti, della compagnia SNAV. Surriento Suites recommends the trip by ferry!

The trip, Naples-Sorrento, lasts around 40 minutes and the ticket costs about 13 euros.

Reach Sorrento by train

Sorrento is served by a local metropolitan line called Circumvesuviana which connects Sorrento with Pompei and Naples.
The Circumvesuviana station in Naples is inside the central station, "Piazza Garibaldi". There is a train going to Sorrento every half an hour. The trip requires about 1 hour and 10 minutes, the cost of the ticket is 4 euros. There exists some trains, called Campania Express, that do not stop at all the stations of the line, so thay are faster but also more expensive.

Reach Sorrento by bus

From the 2017 the busses of the company Flixbus reach Sorrento, for more info go to the website.

Reach Sorrento by car

Surriento Suites recommends to download the map of the Sorrento area on the smartphone and to follow the directions of the GPS navigator of your phone. :)